East Coast Boating

JohnFranco Joyce

Top boating destinations on the East Coast

Are you thinking of taking a trip out to the East Coast? Perhaps you were going throw the boat on the trailer? Maybe you are in need of a rental. Regardless, there are plenty of East Coast boating options. After all, the Atlantic Ocean makes for quite the experience.

Atlantic Inter-coastal Waterway

Perhaps a trip from Canada down to Florida sounds enticing. The Atlantic Intercoastal Waterway makes for a great trip especially for individuals equipped with smaller sized boats. In essence, the Atlantic Inter-coastal Waterway is a travel system comprised of rivers, canals and waters protected from the open Atlantic Ocean. Loop around from Florida to Texas and check out Brownsville. These waters are intended for individuals seeking to avoid rougher waters. Moreover, the waters are protected by Army Corps of Engineers.

Expect a lot of your travel time in the waterway to be wedged between two inlands. Make a day trip anywhere from Maine to New Orleans traveling this beautiful body of water.

Okeechobee Waterway

Though further south in Florida's territory, this 154 mile waterway goes from the Atlantic Ocean near Stuart, Florida all the way down to Fort Myers. Fort Myers body of water is the Gulf of Mexico. Okeechobee Waterway is 154 miles long and stretches from the Atlantic Ocean near Stuart, Florida to the Gulf of Mexico at Fort Myers. It is the only true cross Florida canal and river system that joins the east coast of Florida to the west coast.

Newport, Rhode Island

While Newport, Rhode Island is widely known as the "sailing capital of the World," the waters are perfect for general boating. Moreover, the historic Colonial sea ports within Newport make for a special experience on the water. If you do not own a boat, Newport offers boat rentals.

Long Island, New York

The Atlantic Ocean, boats and New York City just miles away. What sounds better? Long Island's waters are one hundred miles in length and 20 miles wide. There are both public and private marinas on the water within the town. Enjoy the pretty view of enormous mansions on the North Shore. Perhaps you will consider taking the gateway through to New England. Or maybe travel Manhattan in your boat. The boater's variety of options while in these waters makes it a must. The options of excursion are plenty.

Chesapeake Bay, Virginia

Ah, the Eastern Shore of Virginia...

Ah, the best place to retire. Also known as the best place to hunt and fish. Aside from all that good stuff, the Chesapeake Bay is the largest estuary in the United States. Moreover, boaters are in heaven as there is great opportunity for hunting, fishing, crabbing and partaking in a variety of water sports. The body of water begins in Virginia and goes all way into Maryland. Over one hundred rivers and creeks creep into the Chesapeake Bay. Virginia's Chesapeake Bay is filled with beaches to hang around.