Useful Boats Apps

JohnFranco Joyce

Utilize technology as a boater with a handful of handy boat apps

Whether it is navigation related, applies to safety or locates the nearest dock, it seems cell phones and tablets have now found their way into boating.

Why, why, why

You are all probably thinking, is this really necessary? Cell phones, tablets, boating? Well, crazier things have happened. Let's face it, the technology boom is useful in all facets of life, even boating. Check out a couple impressive and useful boat apps.

Boat Ramps

Are you planning on exploring a new body of water? Or maybe just in need of a boat ramp to either dock or launch your boat? Download Boat Ramps on your smartphone and locate over 35,000 boat ramps located in the United States. That way, finding a location to launch or dock will never be a problem!


Rather new, as Dockwa launched in May of 2015, the marina reservation platform has already caught attention winning awards for its use as it connects boaters to marinas online, by app and in real time. Boaters either can log in via a computer or using the free Android or iOS app. Next, boaters can explore marinas and even pay for the reservation within minutes. The marina then uses Dockwa's platform to gather the boater's information and collect the payment. The company has already expanded internationally out of Newport, RI and Cambridge, MA in which it is headquartered. The app is connected to over 200 marinas in 16 states, along with the Bahamas. The Boat Owners Association of the United States (BoatUS) acknowledged the success of the app creating a partnership. Thus, BoatUS does not charge members the Dockwa booking fee. The app even allows users to leave feeback on the marina making the app both one of booking and marketing use.


This app is every fisherman's dream- this app serves as one of navigational purpose and is equipped with data to find and catch fish. The app is recommended for iPad use as one can download weather and access sea surface temperatures (SST), altimetry, current or chlorophyll levels. This will enable you to find where the large pockets of fish are residing.

Boat Essential's - U.S. Coast Guard Safety Gear

Use this app as a safety checklist to ensure you have boarded all neccesary safety items. Moreover, this app notifies boater's of specific and important dates regarding boat checkups. It is for both non-powered boats and motored boats in the United States and surrounding territories water.